Jalite Engineered for life safety!

  • The JALITE 7010 Exit Sign System


    Effective, efficient and elegant, exit identification solutions
    designed to save lives.

  • Polycarbonate images

    A Simple and Elegant Framing System

    Polycarbonate frames

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    A Simple and Elegant Framing System

    Aluminium Frames

  • Fire Safety Signs Brochure

    Fire Safety Signs

    - Evacuation Management
    - Fire Fighting Equipment Location
    - Hazard Identification &
    - Risk Reduction Information


Advantages of Jalite


Photoluminescent signs offer one of the most highly effective exit signing solutions available. Jalite AAA photoluminescent material absorbs energy from existing surrounding light sources, and will emit an effective independent light source for a considerable time after the removal of the activating light, the fail-safe in escape route identification. Jalite signing systems offer a powerful effective solution to the demands that new design or refurbishment projects now have to satisfy.

Efficiency by design provides the observer with correct and sufficient information to orientate and
navigate the escape route to a place of safety using the visual cues of a fully specified system.
Energy efficient, independent of any direct electrical power source. Architects/Specifiers now finally have an attractive alternative solution to bulky back-lit sign units that require electrical installation, years of maintenance and contain battery back-up units that can pose an environmental risk when discarded.

A contemporary design incorporating an easy fixing system makes these signing systems one
of the most elegant sign units available.

Sign System 1 Sign System 1 Sign System 1 Sign System 1
Sign System 1
Suspended polycarbonate
frame with brushed steel ceiling rods
Sign System 1
Wall mounted polycarbonate
Sign System 2
Suspended aluminium
frame with ceiling cables
Sign System 2
Wall mounted aluminium