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  • Fire Safety Signs Brochure

    Fire Safety Signs

    - Evacuation Management
    - Fire Fighting Equipment Location
    - Hazard Identification &
    - Risk Reduction Information

  • The JALITE 7010 Exit Sign System


    The most effective, efficient and elegant fire safety signing solution available designed to save lives.......


Photoluminescent Safety Products

Jalite Plc producing quality photoluminescent safety products for the global market for over 30 years.

World leaders in photoluminescent technology, safety products you can trust.


Conformance to safety standards is key in
ensuring the best possible fire safety signs.

Jalite Plc have offices in Europe, the USA and China

as well as a worldwide distributor network.


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Jalite Marine

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Jalite UK

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Photoluminescent exit, escape and
safety wayguidance systems.



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